Personalized Holiday Door Mats Make Unique Christmas Gifts

Watercolor Snowman© Personalized Doormat

Personalized Holiday Doormats make wonderful gifts to your family and friends, ( or even to yourself)

Having your name on the doormat warmly welcomes your guests into your home. There are several styles available and they are all on sale now.

Check them out today at


Holiday Cookie Jars Filled with Delicious Cookies

Alpine Polar Bear Jar
Christmas cookies are just the ticket for a delicious Christmas gift, especially when delivered in these beautiful Christmas Jars that will last long after the Christmas season has past.

Fill these jars with the Famous Mrs. Fields cookies baked fresh with their special recipes using real butter, whole eggs, pure vanilla and  their own blends of flour, sugar and chocolate. The Chocolate Chip and Macadamia nut cookies are to die for.

Mrs. Fields also makes some delicious brownies (my Mom’s Favorite).
Choose from jars, tins, baskets or boxes.  Give them to family, friends, your boss or anyone on your list.

Mrs. Fields Gifts, Inc


Sports Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments

Have someone on your list that is active in sports?

Then these personalized Sports Christmas ornaments make the perfect gift.

Choose from Bowling, water sports, boxing, tennis and more. Then add the personalized name to make it even more special.



Teddy Bears Dressed in Uniforms Make Great Gifts For Military Families

Military Dressed Teddy Bears make great gifts for military families. Having a Teddy Bear dressed in mom or dad’s uniform to snuggle with at night can make life more “bearable” for a child who has parents away due to their military service to our country.

The Build-a-Bear Workshop has a great selection of Bears in military uniforms, or some other animal such as a puppy dog. Each bear is personally assembled to meet your specific criteria and can be accessorized for each child.



Naval Hero

air force

Air Force Hero

Sailor Curly Teddy


army hero

Army Hero


U.S. Marine


U.S. Marine Camo Bear

Dining Room Table Centerpieces add Spice to the Holidays

There are many places in and around your home that you can add spice to for your holidays. Several homes have great  trees, and they are able to hang wreaths and also lights around the house. Whenever friends come over, you would like to have something special when you serve a meal which will reflect the sense of the season. Consequently you have to put a little thought into what you would like to do, and also you ought to come up having a fantastic holiday dining room table decoration inspiration for those particular times when you have friends or family visiting for any holiday meal.

What’s fantastic about a table is that you can do just about anything you want. When you have a color motif inside your home for your decorations, you will get your Christmas table ornament idea from your colors. You will get out your nice stuff, and then get table settings in those Christmas colors. You can also locate a centerpiece that has festive flowers, and those flowers ought to include those very identical color combination. Fresh flowers bouquets usually fantastic, but you can get some sort of set of imitation flowers if that will work better to suit your needs.


Collectible Nativity Scene Sets

Collectible nativity sets for your mantle, table top or under your Christmas tree decorations. A beautiful touch to your holiday decor or to give as a gift.


Check out all of our nativity scenes


Dog Christmas Ornaments – Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. They have silky coats and a bubbly personality. If you are a Cocker Spaniel Lover or know some one who is, then these cocker spaniel Christmas Tree ornaments would make a great gift.

Check out all the dog breed and dog ornaments today so you can have it in time to hang on your Christmas tree.


Include your Best Buddy in the Festivities with Dog Breed Ornaments – Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed ornaments for the Christmas Tree.

My kids really enjoy hanging the dog breed ornaments on the Christmas tree. They wanted to include the dog in everything we do and Christmas was no exception.

Check out the dog breed ornaments and stockings for your favorite dog and if you want to get your pooch something extra, like a new bed or some toys, be sure to stop by my dog lovers site at




Beautiful Fiber Optic Angel Christmas Tree Toppers

Highlight the apex of your Christmas tree this season with this ornate angel tree topper, wearing an elegant gold gown, detailed with a gold patterned overlay with embroidered lace trim
Features white stiffened felt wings, with soft fuzzy feathers accenting the top of each wing
Her porcelain face and hands really give her the look of an angelic angel
Under her dress there is plastic cone to help her stand atop a tree
Topper is so versatile that it can also be used as a table top decoration as well

Additional Product Features:
Continuous fiber optic changing colors
UL/CSA transformer 12V – 200ma
For indoor use only
70″ black lead cord
120V, 60Hz, 2.6W
AC adapter included

Dimensions: 12.5″H x 10.5″W x 7″D
Material(s): fabric/porcelain/plastic/faux fur

Gold Lighted Fiber Optic Angel Christmas Tree Topper



Ulbricht Nutcracker King Nutcracker

Ulbricht Natural King Nutcracker
The Story of Ulbricht  Wood-turning on lathes the Ulbricht grand tradition can be traced back to the small German mining town of Seiffen in the mountains of the Erzgebirge. Records document the Ulbricht family as wood turners from the 1700s.Otto Ulbricht a professional wood turner who started his own business in 1928 built a new factory in 1934. After World War II when the area became the East German Zone and private industry was taken out of the hands of individuals Otto took his family across the border where they resettled in the Bavarian town of Lauingen near Augsburg. Once settled with his Erzgebirge wood-turning traditions transplanted to Bavaria Otto began again.When Otto died in 1968 his son Christian Ulbricht now in charge of the family enterprise continued those time-honored traditions. In 1978 Christian expanded his thinking and developed a new company which he named Holzkunst Christian Ulbricht.In the early 1990s when East and West re-unified and Germany once again became one nation Christian brought back to the family the factory in Seiffen begun by his father so many years ago. Today the company operates out of both locations.Now in its third generation the Ulbricht family continues to produce wood-turned products of the finest quality. In addition to an extensive line nutcrackers there are incense burners music boxes figurines pyramids and ornaments geared for Christmas and Easter.Traditions are very important to Ulbricht. Not only those that strengthen ties to the land and to family but also those that continue the traditions of excellence in production that date back 300 years.


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