Precious Moments 11399 Arctic Santa and Friends

Although the Arctic Circle is a vast land of frozen terrain it is not barren. Animals like the Arctic Fox Polar Bear and Snow Owl have learned to adapt to this cruel and harsh climate. All the animals have dense fur to protect them from the sub zero temperatures giving them a cuddly appearance. The Arctic Fox lives in dens and digs tunnels in the snow for his family. The Arctic Hare pulls his ears back and huddles in the wind to keep warm. Sitting on Santa s shoulder the Arctic Tern flies thousands of miles from the South Pole to nest and raise its young. The Polar Bear the world s largest bear has feet like snow shoes to help him move about and his thick fur and layers of fat keep him warm so that he is able to swim the frigid waters. The Snowy Owl so named because he is pure white. br]. Santa is also dressed in thick warm clothing to protect him from this harsh but beautiful region. The people of the Arctic Circle are vitally dependent on the animals for their survival and as Santa treks through the land his Arctic friends are beside him for protection and guidance.

Precious Moments ”Nurses Are There In Our Time Of Need” Ornament

Precious Moments ”Nurses Are There In Our Time Of Need” Ornament

Precious Moments 11396 Father Belsnickle

The Pennsylvania Dutch who were not Dutch at all but Deutch or German are credited with bringing many of their country s Christmas customs with them to America. This helped to shape the New World Christmas traditions. As early as the 1820 s Father Christmas shows up in Pennsylvania as Belsnickle of the German Pelznickle which means Nicholas in Furs . Belsnickle would travel the Pennsylvania countryside looking for good children to give out his small gifts of cakes nuts and handmade toys. Father Belsnickle has a carved staff a traditional craft of the German Pennsylvanians and is accompanied by a little kitty that just might be tucked into some lucky little child s stocking on Christmas Eve.

Kurt Adler Precious Moments No Place Like Home Polonaise Ornament AP1697 #KSA AP1697 RED BOX – Mom

Kurt Adler Precious Moments No Place Like Home Polonaise Ornament AP1697 #KSA AP1697 RED BOX Brand new in the box authentic licensed Precious Moments Polonaise Ornament by Kurt Adler Item number AP1697Ornament is titled “There’s No Place Like Home For Christmas”Ornament measures approx. 6″ HReads ” Peace on earth dear Santa please”The Polonaise Collection is a dazzling array of glass ornaments which includes highly sought-after limited editions, an assortment of unique boxed sets and individual pieces. These are made by artisans in Poland who practice a skill handed down from one generation to the next handcraft these spectacular ornaments.Created in the age-old tradition of master blowers, each piece is meticulously shaped in fine detail. They are silvered, lacquered and carefully hand painted in the most vibrant colors. This is brand new, perfect, first quality merchandise – Mom

Precious Moments 11490 Austrian Father Christmas

Christmas in Austria is a magical time. In the snowcovered Alps families descend from their mountain homes to the valley below illuminating the night with torches held high to light their way. Carolers gather in churches and town squares to sing and celebrate the season. Christmas trees are purchased around the 24th of December and are decorated with real candles that will be lit for the evening’s festivities. The Austrian Santa is from the Alps. He wears a simple warm brown wool coat and boiled wood embroidered slippers. However he has adorned his cap with sprigs of holly and berries and in his heavily embroidered sack are gifts that every child will love as well as the beloved Austrian Christmas tree. A pocket watch tells him to keep on schedule and a lighted lantern guides him around snowy mountain paths.

Precious Moments Christmas Sleigh Bells Ornaments: Set Of Three

The joys of jingling bells at Christmas take on a whole new meaning with these first-ever Precious Moments® Sleigh Bells™ ornaments! Arriving in a set of three, these Precious Moments® ornaments are sure to let loving, caring and sharing ring out during the holidays!Available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, each real metal silvertone jingle bell is topped by a sculpted, hand-cast and hand-painted Precious Moments scene. Plus, each of these Precious Moments Christmas ornaments feature additional holiday scenes lovingly reproduced in full color on the side. Strong demand is anticipated for these unique and festive jingle bell ornaments, so don’t wait. Order Now!

Precious Moments Behold The Spirit Of Christmas In Your Hands #PM-810029 – Precious Moments

Precious Moments Behold The Spirit Of Christmas In Your Hands #PM-810029 Share the excitement of waiting for Santa’s visit. This pair of yuletide peepers eloquently captures the magical promise of Christmas Eve. Bisque porcelain. 5 ¼”H. – Precious Moments

Precious Moments ‘Come Let Us Adore Him’ 11-Piece Nativity Set

Precious Moments ‘Come Let Us Adore Him’ 11-Piece Nativity Set

Prizm Inc 14034 Precious Moments Lithuania Santa Claus in Red Dress

Santa is dressed in red typical of almost every Christmas celebration throughout the world. He is carry a bag filled with toys and brightly wrapped gifts. He is on his way to a nearby village and will stop by a larger landowner’s home to find it filled with neighbors and family members. There everyone is singing Christmas carols and otheir favorite Christmas hymns. He carries a freshly cut Christmas tree. Christmas trees appear in Lithuania during this time of year making the homes smell of sweet pine. The tree is adorned with handmade straw (hay) ornaments which are very traditional. These oraments are used to decorate Christmas trees or be used as a adornment for other parts of the house. br]. To prepare for Christmas Eve in Lithuania the home is cleaned thoroughly and clean clothes are worn for the special evening meal. During this preparation food for the next two days is also prepared. Clean hay is distributed upon the dinner tabletop then a clean tablecloth is placed upon the hay. This signifies Christ’s bed of hay. A plate with a candle marks the place setting of a family member recently deceased or a glass of beer or kvas may be put in this place. Kucios are the special meatless dishes prepared. Twelve dishes represent the Twleve Apostles; which include dried or cooked fish pickled vegetables and grains.

Precious Moments Our First Christmas Together Dated 2010 Ornament #PM-101004 – Precious Moments

Precious Moments Our First Christmas Together Dated 2010 Ornament #PM-101004 A couple’s first Christmas is certainly something worth celebrating. This ornament happily marks the beginning of many more Merry Christmases to come. Bisque porcelain ornament. Dated 2010. – Precious Moments

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