Living it Up in a Bath Spa Hotel

The high life is often best experienced hidden. Some of the finest hotels in the UK are concealed behind plain entrances or in little side streets. A Bath spa hotel is no exception – particularly when one is talking about a hotel at par with the excellent Haringtons, cunningly concealed just minutes’ walk from Bath’s famous namesake. Where the Romans knew how to pamper themselves – and a visit to Bath’s star attraction will provide ample evidence of that – the modern citizen, that is, the modern visitor to one of the UK’s loveliest cities, knows how to do the same thing, 21st century style.

Bath is full of good accommodation (as befits one of the top destinations for the more well-heeled UK traveller), but not much of it comes up to the mark set by the Bath spa hotel. In a spa hotel, the visitor to Bath can really feel the buzz of the city dropping away, uncurling like the creamy towels in their bathroom or the wreaths of steam escaping from the luxurious rain-room style shower. That’s precisely the counterpoint Bath achieves across the board – with its entertainment, its drinking and dining facilities, and its culture. There’s a mass of stuff to do and see; a rip roaring night life; and a super chic boutique feel to the stores: interspersed with cafes, little boulevard eateries and quiet bars. Bath is a city full of buzz and joie de vivre: it’s also the sleepy little town Jane Austen loved to write about. The Bath spa hotel captures the balance with ease: ultimate luxury, superlative entertainment (in bars, in gym and fitness suite); and unparalleled relaxation.

The best thing of all about this kind of hotel – unless one knows, one doesn’t know. That, of course, is the telling element with all fashion; with everything exclusive; with everything cool. If a person doesn’t know where to find something, that person is not in on the action. Now, in a city as small as Bath, a little exclusivity goes a long way. Everyone does what everyone else does, so finding a perfect back water where very few people go – and then staying there, in utter luxury – guarantees an experience of the city few will be so lucky to get. Getting a Bath spa hotel like Haringtons on one’s agenda very definitely hits this category. To find one’s own back street, one’s own oasis, right in the heart of the trendy wine bars, the chic restaurants and the very 21st century gastro pubs, is the apogee of holiday success. What a feeling, to relax on the private terrace of one’s hotel restaurant, just metres from a main street, surrounded by lights, the flowers of a tree, perfect soothing calm.

Exclusivity, of course, breeds its own brand of popularity. Finding the perfect hotel in Bath is possible – but a Bath spa hotel like Haringtons tends to book up quickly and with a very definite finality. Get dates, get booking, and avoid disappointment. It’ll be well worth it.

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Harington’s Hotel, luxury hotels bath offers superior double rooms with en-suite facilities and extra luxury bedroom features that include Bath Spa Hotel and complimentary beverage making facilities.

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