Personalized Snowman Snowflake Family of 3 Christmas Ornament

With a brand new baby born to them the happy couple is now considered a family as they experience a whole year of firsts.

Personalized Snow Shovel Couple Christmas Ornament

The crystalline water ice that forms and falls from the sky is one of the surest signs that winter is here and this happy couple enjoys that first snowfall and the beauty of it stuck to trees.

Personalized Engaged Couple Christmas Ornament

He has popped the question and she has said yes! This happy couple is ready to start a lifetime of happiness together.

Snowman Couple with Baby Boy Christmas Ornament

With a new little bundle of boy to love this happy couple finds parenting to be different than all of the parenting books say. This item is hand-painted on the inside.

Personalized Year 2007 Wedding Couple Christmas Ornament

You will be the talk of the shower when you give this gift to the happy couple.

Wedding Frame Ornament Christmas Ornament

The happy couple can put their wedding picture into the frame of this ornament and pass it out to family and friends who participated in their big day.

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