Precious Moments 11396 Father Belsnickle

The Pennsylvania Dutch who were not Dutch at all but Deutch or German are credited with bringing many of their country s Christmas customs with them to America. This helped to shape the New World Christmas traditions. As early as the 1820 s Father Christmas shows up in Pennsylvania as Belsnickle of the German Pelznickle which means Nicholas in Furs . Belsnickle would travel the Pennsylvania countryside looking for good children to give out his small gifts of cakes nuts and handmade toys. Father Belsnickle has a carved staff a traditional craft of the German Pennsylvanians and is accompanied by a little kitty that just might be tucked into some lucky little child s stocking on Christmas Eve.

Steinbach Chubby Tchaikovsky German Nutcracker

Steinbach Chubby Tchaikovsky German Nutcracker The Steinbach Chubby Tchaikovsky German Nutcracker portrays the composer of the famed Nutcracker Suite ballet. He wears royal blue and warm furs and carries a candle and miniature Mouse King. Nutcrackers make perfectly playful presents; charming and collectible these familiar holiday staples bring a smile to everyone’s face. Display them on a shelf or table for that festive touch. They make a welcome addition to any gathering of friends and family.

Handcrafted from genuine solid wood this nutcracker has been carved and painted freehand by artisans in Germany. It stands 11 inches tall and features a distinctive unique design in a vibrant array of colors. Made by Steinbach this nutcracker is available unsigned or signed by the late king of nutcrackers Christian Steinbach.

Spruce up your own holiday decorations with this fresh take on a genuine classic or present a loved one neighbor or colleague with a timeless and unforgettable gift.

About Steinbach

Steinbach is recognized for the unique design of its wood-carved creations developed many years ago by Herr Christian Steinbach. The Steinbach family started making nutcrackers and other items in the 1800s in the Alpine regions of Germany. The tradition of creating hand-carved Steinbach German Nutcrackers is carried on by the Steinbach family which remains responsible for the product concept development design manufacture and quality control at the Hohenhameln factory in the northern region of Germany.Steinbach items are highly collectible. If you are starting a new collection or adding to your existing collection you will love these unique masterpieces. These treasured collectibles are handed down from generation to generation.

The Making of Steinbach Nutcrackers

Each Steinbach nutcracker is produced using up to 130 separate procedures. Genuine hardwood is cut and shaped into specific sizes and parts. The wood is then turned by hand using an ancient process that creates smooth clean surfaces. The pieces are lathed polished

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