Cotton ornaments, ‘Christmas Stockings’ (set of 12) (Thailand)

Cotton ornaments, 'Christmas Stockings' (set of 12) (Thailand) Embroidered by artisans from Thai Tribal Crafts, twelve bright stockings await Christmas Eve. The handmade ornaments are representative of the textile traditions of the Hmong people, who long ago immigrated to northern Thailand.

Cotton ornaments, ‘Girl Choir’ (set of 6) (Peru)

Cotton ornaments, 'Girl Choir' (set of 6) (Peru) Six girls in Andean dress form a delightful Christmas choir. Singing to the sound of the charango guitar and zampoña panpipes, the diminutive dolls come from Margarita and Martha. "They bring happiness to the holidays," the women say.

Wool Christmas stocking, ‘Festivity’ (India)

Wool Christmas stocking, 'Festivity' (India) By Rajesh Gehlot, this Christmas stocking is colorful and contemporary. He works in wool felt, adding applique motifs in pink, red and aqua that come to life on the gray background.

Wool Christmas stocking, ‘Gingerbread Feast’ (India)

Wool Christmas stocking, 'Gingerbread Feast' (India) Rajesh Gehlot creates the original design of this Christmas stocking. In gingerbread brown, off-white flowers seem made of icing. The wool felt stocking is adorned with bright red pompoms and a bow.

Ceramic candleholders, ‘Blue Christmas’ (set of 3) (Mexico)

Ceramic candleholders, 'Blue Christmas' (set of 3) (Mexico) Crafted by hand of barro bruñido (burnished clay), three candleholders celebrate Christmas. Artisans of the García Ochoa Family paint scenes from the nativity on each deep blue cube.

Embroidered stocking, ‘Christmas Sparkle’ (India)

Embroidered stocking, 'Christmas Sparkle' (India) Glittering zardozi embroidery creates mesmerizing spirals on deep red velvet. Applied by hand with glittering metallic zari threads, they adorn an heirloom Christmas stocking. Parvez A. Warsi stitches zari threads in sparkly green on a lovely crimson ornament lined in silk.

Wool Christmas stocking, ‘Festive Daisies’ (India)

Wool Christmas stocking, 'Festive Daisies' (India) Rajesh Gehlot adorns a brown-gray Christmas stocking with florid appliqué in preparation for the holiday season. A solitary blue daisy appears among the white and red blooms. The festive stocking is sewn of wool felt with a plain back.

‘Christmas Day’ (Thailand)

'Christmas Day' (Thailand) A massive elephant turns crimson to celebrate the holiday, his eyes sparkling with mirth. In the foreground, five tall pines wear festive ornaments and twinkling lights. Supachet paints a playful pachyderm portrait on Christmas day.

Treetop ornament, ‘Nativity Star’ (Peru)

Treetop ornament, 'Nativity Star' (Peru) Crafted by hand, this colorful star poses on the tip of a Christmas tree. Margarita and Martha add diminutive figurines depicting Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, while the fabric emulates Peru's renowned handwoven textiles. A fabric loop at the back slips over the tree branch.

Celadon ceramic ornaments, ‘Christmas Angel’ (set of 3) (Thailand)

Celadon ceramic ornaments, 'Christmas Angel' (set of 3) (Thailand) With hands folded in prayer, three angels come to life in Thailand's beautiful celadon ceramic tradition. Duangkamol crafts the reverent winged messengers as ornaments.

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