Precious Moments 11396 Father Belsnickle

The Pennsylvania Dutch who were not Dutch at all but Deutch or German are credited with bringing many of their country s Christmas customs with them to America. This helped to shape the New World Christmas traditions. As early as the 1820 s Father Christmas shows up in Pennsylvania as Belsnickle of the German Pelznickle which means Nicholas in Furs . Belsnickle would travel the Pennsylvania countryside looking for good children to give out his small gifts of cakes nuts and handmade toys. Father Belsnickle has a carved staff a traditional craft of the German Pennsylvanians and is accompanied by a little kitty that just might be tucked into some lucky little child s stocking on Christmas Eve.

Get Ready For Christmas Sooner Rather Than Later

As Christmas beings to get nearer you need to start putting together a list of the different things you will need to buy ahead of the big day. When it comes to gifts you will probably leave this till later in the Autumn. However it might be better to start thinking about buying the essentials sooner rather than later. A lot of people will want to buy their essentials for Christmas well in advance, many shops realise this and start putting out their Christmas stock well in advance to meet demands. It is therefore a good idea to start thinking about placing orders for some of the following in the next month or so.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a tree you just need to decide what sort you would like. Having a natural tree might seem like a great idea but they can be a bit of a struggle and you have to get rid of them when you’re done. There has been a big increase in the number of people deciding to buy artificial Christmas trees because they don’t require any effort to look after and are more environmentally friendly as they are reused. There are other benefits to artificial Christmas trees too. You can buy trees in a variety of colours has seen the emergence of black, red and white Christmas trees to mimic the look of snow. You will also find fibre optic Christmas trees that have lights already built into them and that will flash on and off in different colours. Why buy a set of tree lights when your fibre optic tree already has them installed and create a dazzling effect.

One of the must have items for the holiday season are Christmas hampers. They are beautifully packaged and come stocked full to the brim with treats. You could go for a traditional Christmas hamper, which is full of wine, shortbread, cakes and of course, mince pies. If you are looking to buy a Christmas hamper for the children then you can get special sweet hampers full of all sorts of sweet shop classics. If you are into your different cheeses then you might want to think about getting a cheese and crackers hamper that typically comes with an appropriate wine. The diversity of the different Christmas hampers is what makes them a fantastic gift for friends, family and coporate organisations. A lot of businesses and organisations send gifts to their suppliers and clients and hampers are a great way of improving business relationships. Sending them is a nice way of saying thank you for hard work or to smooth over slightly rocky relationships.

Giving Christmas cards is a favourite past time of most people who tend to do it every year. Writing and sending out cards can be very time consuming so it is a good idea to pick out a set of cards and have them delivered well in advance. You can also use this past time as a way to donate money to a good cause by buying charity Christmas cards for your chosen charity. If you are interested in purchasing cards for your favourite charity then make sure you look on the back to find out what percentage of the cost goes to the charity. This is why many people decide to buy their cards straight from the charity that they want to support to make sure that they get the most amount of money.

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Mrs. Beasley’s Hats Off to Mom Lemon Cake

Bring the Mrs. Beasley’s Hats Off to Mom Lemon Cake to your Mother’s Day celebration and be the hit of the party. Deliciously tart and sweet this cake is made using fresh-squeezed lemons and the finest ingredients and then hand-dipped in a top-secret lemon glaze. The cake comes in a lovely yellow hat-shaped box that’s adorned with a gauzy white bow and a flower and is sure to make Mom smile on her special day.About Mrs. Beasley’s TreatsMrs. Beasley’s is proud to provide customers with the finest handmade freshly baked gift items available anywhere. They use only the best ingredients including Ghiradelli chocolates fresh-squeezed California lemons and limes Hawaiian coconuts and macadamia nuts and much more. Mrs. Beasley’s products are handmade by the same bakers who were involved in the start-up of both Mrs. Beasley’s and Miss Grace Lemon Cakes 30 years ago.

Mrs. Beasley’s Baskets, 160 Servings

The ultimate gift baskets-perfect for grand office parties. Overflowing with a customized selection of Mini-Muffins, Brownies, Cookies, Cakes, Mixed Nuts and Chocolates. Call our Corporate Gift experts and we’ll develop a most impressive basket. Available in two sizes.

Dessert Recipes for Cookies, Cakes, Cupcakes, Fudge and Cocktails – Hot Holiday Recipes

Holiday recipes should be easy and delicious. Dessert recipes are always a favorite like Christmas cookies, homemade fudge, cake, cupcakes, marshmallows and Chex mix. Add some party food appetizer and snack recipes plus holiday cocktails and you’ll have the best holiday menu. Betty Crocker has easy recipes for the top 10 holiday trends. Get all the recipes at

Nordic Ware Holiday Wreath Pan

  • A beautiful addition to any holiday table
  • Heavy cast aluminum for even heating and exceptional durability
  • Nonstick coating for easy food release and cleanup
  • Hand wash with mild detergent
  • Made in the USA

Product Description
Deck the halls with boughs of holly… in this case, a holly wreath cake made in the Holiday Wreath Cake pan! Guests will comment on this cake’s fa-la-la-la-lovely table presence. Made from heavy duty cast aluminum, this pan will turn out evenly-baked, golden-brown cakes every time you use it. Premium nonstick interior ensures easy release of cake and simple cleanup. The holiday wreath cake pan creates a wreath cake sculpted with pine cones, holly leaves, berrie… More >>

Nordic Ware Holiday Wreath Pan

Mother’s Day Elegance Vanilla Pound Cake

Elegant Indulgence
Silky fondant envelops vanilla pound cake with crushed raspberry preserves in this classic tribute to mom. Belgian white chocolate creates the ribbon and handmade flowers for an overall mesmerizing effect. Cakes are custom made and must be ordered one week prior to desired arrival date. Next Day shipping required.

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