Personalized Snowman Family of 4 with New Baby Christmas Ornament

Last Christmas they were a family of 4 but now they are a family of 5 with the birth of a new baby to love.

Personalized Penguin Couple Christmas Ornament

The largest species of penguin is the Emperor Penguin and the smallest is the Little Blue Penguin or the Fairy Penguin but no matter which breed penguins are monogamous.

Personalized Big Brother Holding Baby Christmas Ornament

He has a big job now and wants to set a good example for his new sibling.

Personalized Glitter Snowman – Purple Hat Christmas Ornament

This snowman is completely covered in glitter and will reflect the lights on your tree with sparkle and bling. Decked out in a hat scarf and mittens this frosty friend is a true delight.

Personalized 2011 Masters on Silk – Children of the Shell Christmas Ornament

Born in Seville Spanish painter Bartolome Esteban Murillo was heavily influenced by religious art and liked to depict poverty stricken children in his works. 2011 is on the back

Personalized Polka Dot Stocking Family of 5 Christmas Ornament

A Christmas sock can be filled with lots of small treasures and trinkets that children will adore seeing on Christmas morning.

Personalized Snow Shovel Couple Christmas Ornament

The crystalline water ice that forms and falls from the sky is one of the surest signs that winter is here and this happy couple enjoys that first snowfall and the beauty of it stuck to trees.

Personalized White Cat Christmas Ornament

Most cats are black and white or grey and white but this cat is as snowy in color as they get.

Personalized Jogger Boy Christmas Ornament

He takes to a course as well as the open roads for a jog around the block or on the track.

Personalized Special Grandma Christmas Ornament

She does everything she can for her grandchildren and spends a lot of time with them that they appreciate and love every minute of because children are always spoiled by grandma.

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