Gift Basket Village MeChMo Merry Chris-Moose, Christmas Gift Basket

Gift Basket Village MeChMo Merry Chris-Moose, Christmas Gift Basket This gift is sure to be a hit this Chris-Moose, it's absolutely fantastic! Every gift and gourmet treat tucked inside of this rustic bark basket was selected with great care to make sure that this basket is loaded with nothing but fun, festive and delicious gourmet treats!. Say "Merry Chris-Moose!" in style with this rustic bark basket piled high with a fabulous collection of unique gifts, including an adorable holiday moose with long dangling legs and a belly full of cookies! Yes, cookies! This moose has a canister for a belly that once the cookies are gone, they can fill it up each holiday with other treats and leave it out for guests to admire and enjoy. It's so cute! Also included is a 13 ounce tote of "I can make Chocolate Moose Cookies" Mix, a Moose Cookie Cutter, "Moosely Munchies" Caramel Corn Nut Mix, Cinnamon Pecan Straws, Cranberry Cookie Straws, Raspberry Tea Cookies, "Holly Jolly" Vanilla Crunch, Cranberry Bog Frogs (sweetened dried cranberries and roasted cashews smothered in rich caramel and premium chocolate), "Crunchie Munchies" Snack Mix, Wisconsin Swiss Cheese, Tomato and Basil Cheese, gourmet Crackers, and a festive "Merry Christmas" pick!

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