Chickasaw Plum

 Chickasaw Plum Ornamental Shrub with Adorable Flowers and Fruit The Chickasaw Plum tree, Prunus angustifolia, is a deciduous multi-stemmed shrub or small tree which occurs in thickets, pastures, fields, fencerows, stream banks and disturbed areas. Chickasaw Plum trees are sometimes seen as a small short-trunked tree growing to 25' tall. Beautiful 5-petaled white flowers appear along the stems in March before the foliage emerges. The flowers are followed by small, cherry-like, edible, red to yellow plums which ripen in early to mid summer. Although the plums may be eaten raw, they are somewhat tart and acidic, and are perhaps best used in preserves and jellies. Native Americans regularly consumed the fruit fresh or dried it for winter. The sweet fruit is eaten by deer, bear, fox and raccoon. The toothed, narrow, bright green leaves (1-3 long) appear on branches and twigs that are an attractive reddish-brown and sometimes have thorny lateral branchlets. The flowering Chickasaw Plum is a true ornamental! * Multi-stemmed ornamental* Colorful fruit* White spring flowers* Fragrant* Drought tolerant* Wildlife interest* Adaptive to a variety of soils

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